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About us

Vitaon Biotechnologies Co., Ltd is committed to creating products that work by combining innovative, science-based ingredients with superior delivery systems. Our mission is to be your pro-active wellness solution by providing powerful products in developing,manufacturing heath food with high bio-activity and safety, serving the dietary supplements with advanced ingredients and science-based nutrition solution.

We are the leading supplier from China in the production of private label nutritional health food and supplements. We offer a complete line of superior quality products, work with our customers to develop new formulas and address the expanding market. We have an experienced team of staff who know just how to take your product from inception to delivery.

We also provide contract manufacturing services of nutritional products including tablets, capsules, softgels, powders etc., we offer the fastest and best services when it comes to contract manufacturing your own brand of supplements. We use a large inventory of raw materials at our GMP certified factory that will allow us to get your product created and developed quickly, so you can receive your product promptly with the best quality.

From raw material purchasing, developing, manufacturing and testing to a high quality, we develop a professional management system to control all stages which ensures our customers with a tailor-made, with well-researched ingredients to stand out in the marketplace with the experience to meet all customers’ needs.